Words of the elders

In times past, the exact date long since lost to the sands of time, the Goon Squad was founded. The founders sought to create a place where young and old could war together in peace and harmony. The founding principles were passed from elder to elder, and hath been written here for your knowledge and understanding.

The wisdom of the elders:

In the beginning there was a flag, and it had a campfire on it, and it was good. But the flag alone did not impart the character of the goons, and so these principles shall be hereforth followed:

– Be excellent to each other – Luke 6:31

– Have fun – Gal 5:22

– Don’t use language you wouldn’t use in front of your grandma or the pope, whichever makes you use cleaner language – Eph 4:29

– Don’t use symbols as a substitute for bad words, just don’t use them – Eph 5:3

– Donate often – 2 Cor 9:7

– Request often – Matt 7:7

– Don’t request specific level troops for ordinary requests. Everyone should be able to donate to looting requests – Lev 19:15

Thus spoke the elders.


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