War leagues and troop donations

Hey goons,

Wanted to address two issues today. First is troop donations. Donating the wrong troops or spells can severely disrupt an attack. If someone asks for air troops and you give them valks, the end result will be a failed attack and wasted donation. If someone asks for an earthquake spell they are probably counting on a four EQ attack which levels walls of any level. If they go into battle with only three earthquakes the entire attack will fail.

We all understand that mistakes happen, just alert the player via the chat if you accidentally dropped in the wrong troop or spell. Nobody will be angry. The player is then aware their clan castle doesn’t have what they expected and they can either drop the troops (or spell) and request again or adjust their attack. This is really important, especially with war requests.

On to war league. We had a really bad matchup last time, and people got discouraged and stopped attacking. Here’s the problem: even though we lost every match, we were in the running for sixth place and much better prizes until the attacks stopped. At the end of the week we get prizes based on our rank, and those prizes are awesome and unique. Things like a one click level upgrade that costs nothing for a building and takes no time. Amazing prizes. But we gotta finish better to afford those things. If we are getting our behinds handed to us, we need to shift focus to getting as many stars as possible even though we will lose that individual match.

We’re here to have fun, and getting thr right donations and awesome stuff from war league makes it more fun for everybody. Clash on!



Defense clan castle troops

One of the most common clan castle requests is for defense. What makes a good defensive troop?

(1) attack fast, do lots of damage, splash damage preferable

(2) live long and soak up attack damage

Dragons are the best defense troop IMHO. They have high hit points, attack reasonably quick on both air and land, and do lots of splash damage. Wizards and valks are also awesome. Valks can mow through legions of small ground troops or wipe out an army of giants in no time flat. Wizards can defend against air troops and do a decent job against ground.

Balloons are devastating against giants, barbs, and valks but die quick to people who can attack air troops and are useless against air troops. Minions seem pretty good.

Watching competition matches lava hounds are very popular. This is because they take so much damage and then spawn lava pups when they die.

Archers are fine but die quick.

What NOT to donate for defense: Giants (slow weak attack), Golems (ditto), Goblins (duh), wallbreakers (duh), Barbs (not that strong, useless against air), miners (their value is avoiding defenses), hog riders (weak), Bowlers (ok but die quick), healers, Pekka

What you should donate: Dragons, Valks, Wizards, Witches, Archers, Lava Hounds, Minions, (1) Baby Dragon (good with valks to provide air cover), and balloons in a pinch.

The easiest way to remember is donate the top row starting with the wizard. You can only go wrong with the bowler in that case, but the bottom row is almost all bad for defense except the archers and lava hound.


The rules of war

War may be an ancient art, but for us it only goes back to the update that added it. Here now, are the rules of war, as summarized by Uncle Bob:

War begins with a preparation day. During this day each person included in the war has two responsibilities:

1 – Check your war base to insure all structures are added and your design is good

2 – Fill War Castles – War castles need to be filled, but unlike regular donations these should ONLY be filled with max level troops. If the troops you donate will not be the highest level available, you should not donate them. War is a collective effort, and none of the lower level bases are expected to donate to war castles. It actually hurts us if you do. Sometimes we don’t have the highest level troops available (seems to happen with valks) but this will be discussed in chat and fill requests will be made at that time.

After war begins, you click on the war button and choose a base to attack. Scout the base first to plan your attack.

Always attack twice for any war you are in. Most important!

Never attack without clan castle troops in war. Ever. The only exception is the rare time when you have no choice (unavailable later and no one has donated). Always ask for the troops you think will help your attack the best. Your request should read something like this: “Dragon for War” or “War Pekka” or “Level 6 goblins for war” etc.

Your teammates will fill these requests with top level troops. As with war castle troops do NOT donate to these requests unless you are giving a max level troop. If it seems like no one is responding, ask if a lower level is ok. For example “My pekkas are threes, will a level four be ok?” It’s important to communicate the actual level of your troops (pre clan level upgrade) to avoid confusion. If the requester is in a hurry, they may choose to take your troops rather than wait. Never donate lower level troops to war requests without asking and getting an ok.

If you are a town hall level 1-8, for your first attack you should try to attack the highest base you think you can three star. For Town Hall 9’s and 10’s it gets more difficult and sometimes two (or even one) is all that is possible. Usually by that point you have a good sense for how we war and this document is unnecessary anyway…

If you aren’t sure where to attack, ask for advice! If you aren’t sure how to attack, ask for advice! Never worry about trying and failing, the point is to have fun. If you really thought you could three star it and you got zero, laugh it off and prep for your next attack, Fun is priority one.

When you attack, be aware that war castles are virtually always full. If you don’t have a plan to kill their troops you will almost certainly lose. If you don’t know how to do that, just ask! The wars are about camaraderie and having fun. We love trying to help.

The position of lead cheerleader is filled by SmithMama. All others need not apply, but encouraging words are always welcome in war by everyone.

It is totally appropriate to conduct normal raids and request troops during wars, but many people specify “not for war”

If it is late in the war and we are up by a lot one of the elders may suggest we begin looting. This means you can attack higher for loot rather than maximum stars. If there are no bases where you can earn stars you may do that without waiting.

The most important thing is this is for fun. None of us REALLY cares if we lose, we just like to gripe about it. Don’t be afraid to go down in a blaze of glory trying something big. Just have fun and do your best.

To war Goons!

Words of the elders

In times past, the exact date long since lost to the sands of time, the Goon Squad was founded. The founders sought to create a place where young and old could war together in peace and harmony. The founding principles were passed from elder to elder, and hath been written here for your knowledge and understanding.

The wisdom of the elders:

In the beginning there was a flag, and it had a campfire on it, and it was good. But the flag alone did not impart the character of the goons, and so these principles shall be hereforth followed:

– Be excellent to each other – Luke 6:31

– Have fun – Gal 5:22

– Don’t use language you wouldn’t use in front of your grandma or the pope, whichever makes you use cleaner language – Eph 4:29

– Don’t use symbols as a substitute for bad words, just don’t use them – Eph 5:3

– Donate often – 2 Cor 9:7

– Request often – Matt 7:7

– Don’t request specific level troops for ordinary requests. Everyone should be able to donate to looting requests – Lev 19:15

Thus spoke the elders.